Lila Larson

Author, Small Business BIG GROWTH

Speaker • Trainer • Consultant

Lila Larson Author, Speaker, Trainer

Lila Larson, author of "Small Business Big Growth" has been instrumental in identifying what small, medium and large business owners need to do to bring CLARITY, FOCUS and RESULTS in their businesses. Lila has found as business owners identify what beliefs, behaviors and patterns prevent them from acheiving the desired results in their business and lives, their success grows in leaps and bounds.

Lila gained her own experience in management, sales, marketing, training, consulting, coaching, and mentoring over a period of 35 years in small, medium and large businesses. She worked with non-profits; in the health care industry; in educational institutions; and in all levels fo government.

She is a skilled facilitator, and has an ability to see the whole picture as well as the details that make up the big picture. Numerous organizational and community awards for her contributions to bottom line effectiveness and making improvements in communications have been awarded, e.g. award for her role as a member of the National Leadership Team in an international information technology organization. Whether coaching and advising senior executivies, entrepreneurs or small business owners, Lila has found when small changes in beliefs, values and communications occur, immediate results from being "just good" to having BIG GROWTH are created.

Lila had been an integral part of Jack Canfield's teams for his Breakthrough to Success seminars, and his Train the Trainer leadership trainings over the past 25 years providing leadership and coaching with the teams and the attendees.

She has also been recognized for her contributions as a volunteer; e.g. City of Winnipeg Award for her leadership contributions as Presidend of Big Sisters of Winnipeg; an Award for Dedicated Service to the Board of Winnipeg Human Resource Project of Winnipeg for 15 years of contributions as President, Chair of Finance and Chair of Program Development. Lila was also nominated for inclusion in the "Great Women of the 21st Centry" publication.

Lila was selected as a Finalist in the Women Entrepreneur Achievement Award from Oxford University for her work in coaching, mentoring and training.

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