Lila Larson

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Leeza Gibbons, Emmy Award-winning TV & Radio Host & Winner of “Celebrity Apprentice” and Lila at a recent event.
Leeza Gibbons, speaker; wife and Mom; business woman; Emmy award-winning TV and radio host; New York Times best selling author; advocate for healthcare, wellness and caregiving.
Jack Canfield & Lila Larson
Lila with one of her mentors, Jack Canfield, legendary Speaker & Trainer of 40+ years & Co-Creator of the #1 Best-selling Book Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul • Author of The Success Principles • Star of the hit movie, The Secret. Jack says, "Lila Larson combines insight, wisdomn and an uncanny ability to coach executives and professionals into achieving stellar results."
Lila hanging out with (l-r): Dr. Bill Dorfman (Dentist, Hit TV Show, <i>Extreme Makeover</i>) • Marcia Cross, Actress, Hit TV Show, <i>Desperate Housewives</i> • Patricia Heaton, Actress, Hit TV Show, <i>Everybody Loves Raymond</i> •James Malinchak, Entrepreneur, ABC’s Hit TV Show, <i>Secret Millionaire</i>
Lila hanging out with (l-r): Dr. Bill Dorfman (Dentist, Hit TV Show, Extreme Makeover) • Marcia Cross, Actress, Hit TV Show, Desperate Housewives • Patricia Heaton, Actress, Hit TV Show, Everybody Loves Raymond •James Malinchak, Entrepreneur, ABC’s Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire.
James Malinchak, Lila Larson & Famous Dave
James Malinchak, Lila and Famous Dave Founder of Famous Dave’s BBQ business chain; started from scratch and built from having a coach who can take you to the next level.
Lila Larson & Sandia Joseph
Lila and Sandia Joseph - speaker, author, singer, actress. For 10 years and over 1300 performances as Christine in The Phantom of The Opera she encourages people to live a fully expressed life by bringing your inner voice to the outer world.
Kevin Harrington, Lila Larson & Forbes Riley
Kevin Harrington, Lila and Forbes Riley. Kevin is Original “Shark Tank” Shark & Inventor of the Infomercial ($4 Billion in sales on TV) and Forbes is “The Queen of Selling on TV” (sold $2 Billion on TV).
James Malinchak & Lila Larson
James Malinchak and Lila. "Lila is an amazing speaker, author and business leader. Her strategies have the power to change lives." says James James Malinchak. Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire • The World’s #1 Big Money Speaker, Trainer and Coach • Founder,
Lila Larson & Joe Theisman
Lila with Joe Theisman former NFL quarterback for Washington Redskins and current NFL Football Analyst and sports commentator. Featured in the blockbuster movie “The Blindside” with actress Sandra Bullock. Corporate speaker, and restauranteur. Inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 2003.
Rudy Ruetiger & Lila Larson
Rudy Ruettiger - In 27 seconds carved his name into history as perhaps the most famous graduate of Notre Dame university. His speaking explores the importance of passion, determination and heart when it comes to building your own personal dynasty.
Jeff Hoffman & Lila Larson
Lila and Jeff Hoffman Co-founder of; featured business expert on innovation, entrepreneurship and business leadership.
Les Brown, James & Lila Larson
Lila and James Malinchak with Les Brown “The world’s greatest motivational speaker”. You can live your dream – wanting is not enough. You must hunger for it. You don’t have to be great to get started- you have to get started to be great
Lila Larson & Jesse Doubek
Lila and Jesse Doubek - Speaker, entrepreneur and #1 Facebook Fanpage Builder. Works with James, Brendon, Chalene and Russell. .
Joe Sugarman & Lila Larson
Lila and Joe Sugarman - Top advertising and visionary marketing entrepreneur; entertaining speaker; great teacher. Author of Triggers: 30 Sales Tools You Can Use to Control the Mind of Your Prospect to Motivate, Influence and Control.
xxx & Lila Larson
Lila and Tayna Brown. Tayna has used the obstacles encountered in her life to overcome any adversity with the willingness to ask for help. Speaker, coach and author of 2 books. • Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape From Depression and Suicide and 7 Triggers of AbuseDomestic Violence, Where it Starts and Where it Can End.
Bruce Buffer & Lila Larson
Lila and Bruce Buffer. The Veteran Voice of the Octagon for UFC events; President and CEO of The Buffer Partnership”
Ernie Hudson & Lila Larson
Lila and Ernie Hudson - American character actor best known for his role in the Ghostbusters series. Also starred in The Crow and HBO’s OZ.
Glen Morshower & Lila Larson
Lila and Glen Morshower - actor, producer for Bloodline; Supergirl; Transformers: Dark of the Moon; CSI; Air Force One; West Wing. Perhaps best known for his role as Aaron Pierce on 24. He believes that everyone we meet helps us in some way, it is about learning what to replicate and what to avoid. So celebrate that you are here.
Lila has a unique ability to tap into the innate knowledge, skills and abilities of the business owners she engages with, and challenges them to make change that is both tangible and achievable. Her practical and savvy strategies are readily implemented and remain sustainable. So if you are desiring more success in your business and lasting change for your life, Lila is the person you want in your corner.
- Patty Aubery1, President of the Canfield Training Group
When a patient arrives in the ER it is essential to clear all distractions and focus on saving that person's life. All our lives are filled with outside distractions and Lila's tips will guide you to clear all distractions, focus and guide you to achieve the best outcome and have a successful business and life.
- Sudip Bose, Featured physician on hit worldwide reality TV show "Untold Stories of the ER" • Iraq war veteran, recognized as a "CNN Hero" for receiving the Bronze Star and serving as the US Physician who treated Saddam Hussein after his capture. • Recognized as one of the "Leading Physicians of the World" by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals • Founder, a non-profit charity
l have been privileged to work with a number of extraordinary individuals, and one of the people I have always admired is Lila Larson. You cannot help but be drawn to her, as Lila is concerned about one thing: making YOU better. Lila believes i.n you, and she will inevitably make you feel better about yourself. I am so elated to see that she is finally sharing her message in print, as the world needs her positive and practical tips Lila simplifies the seemingly complex and helps you focus on the steps you need to achieve now. Invest in yourself and read this book, and l assure you that by following Lilas simple 3-step process, you can produce big growth in your small business.
-Dr Danny Brassell, "Americas Leading Reading Ambassador" • Best-selling Author and Highly-Acclaimed Leadership Success Keynote Speaker

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