Coaching Services

If you could inspire, empower, motivate and equip leaders and direct reports to achieve a higher level of success and accomplishment, how would the improved productivity of your organization demonstrate the positive changes?

How would your organization benefit from having executives and ,leaders who are consistently clear, focused and taking action of the Right Stuff to get better results?

IMAGINE how your success or the success of your executives, leaders and team will skyrocket when you have
Lila Larson
Coach you or your teams to increase CLARITY, FOCUS and GET BETTER RESULTS.

What you get from Lila’s coaching program:

1. A Discovery session where you identify what you choose to get CLEAR and FOCUSED on as you move forward in achieving BETTER RESULTS.

2. A pre-assessment of where you are NOW

3. Scheduled coaching calls to monitor action being taken as you pursue your identified FOCUS areas .

4. Assessment of progress made following completion of the coaching calls

5. Post assessment of where you are NOW

6. Development of a plan to continue pursuit of your FOCUS areas over the next six months.

“Lila is .......”

Kevin Harrington

(Orginal Shark on ABC's hit TV show, "Shark Tank" and Inventor of the Infomercial - Sold $4 Billion)

Kevin Harrington, Lila Larson, Forbes Riley

“Lila ..........”

Forbes Riley

(The Queen of Selling on TV - $2 Billion)