Lila Larson

Speaker · Coach · Author, Small Business BIG GROWTH

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a process where a safe and confidential space is provided for you to explore your goals, values, intentions and actions.

As a coach Lila is invested in you and where you are in the present, where success is defined by you in your pursuit of your future. Lila encourages you to envision your future and explore how far you want to go.

As you apply the 3 steps of the Wisdom Philosophy you will:

1. Identify old obstructive beliefs, high points of stress, and unproductive performance areas associated with your beliefs which are stopping you or holding you back.

2. Create new strategies and resources aligned with the values you want in your life.

3. Be coached on the application of your new strategies designed to achieve your ongoing results and experience higher levels of performance in all areas of your life.

Lila is responsible to you, not for you as you are actively involved in identifying the issues raised by you, in working on and applying solutions and achieving the results you want. In this coaching process, the more actively involved you are, the more complete and long-lasting your learning.

You will NOT be “told” what to do.

You will be offered the opportunity to examine what you are doing in light of pursuing your intentions.

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